Will VR have impact on ecommerce?

We’re taking a fresh look at what commerce will look like in five years and how we can apply new technologies to create innovative solutions for fashion stores.

We want to hear from fashion store owners and builders with experience in fashion ecommerce and fashion content creation about the possibilities and opportunities of using virtual reality to engage customers and promote their stores and content.

We are testing VR solutions for Ecommerce. What makes this project special?The goal of our exploration is to prove that virtual reality is not only a gaming platform but also the future of Ecommerce.

What is our aim? Our goal is to take the best practices from the ecommerce industry and adapt them for the Virtual Reality Ecommerce.

What are the challenges?

VR has never been used for ecommerce, so it’s all about experimenting what works and what doesn’t. Ecommerce is really complicated, it has lots of details to tackle each for VR.

What are we doing? We are working hard on creating a Virtual Reality Shop together with a Fashion Designer Mo.E.Concept for an Fashion ecommerce website. We create the user interface, product setup, integrate payment gateways and launch the whole test shop live in one year.

Empowering Fashion Retailers with the power of VR. Shop now!

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