You don’t have to memorize everything when it comes to programming

When it comes to learning and development, it is not enough to simply memorize facts and figures. As developers, it is essential to understand the principles behind them in order to create more efficient and effective solutions, solve problems more effectively, and use our time more wisely.

In Developers-Alliance/ we find that memorizing things is a common habit when it comes to learning, but it is important for us to understand the concepts behind them. For instance, as a developer of Magento 2, it is not enough for them to simply learn the syntax and commands for the platform. Instead, it is crucial to understand how the code works and how they can use it to create custom solutions.

Below we would like to share with you 8 tips from our developers for remembering everything you’re learning:

-Focus on understanding concepts and ideas
-Apply what you’re learning
-View other people’s code
-Find a community
-Know where to find answers to your questions
-Compile good resources
-Take notes

In short, memorization of facts and figures is a useful skill, but understanding the inner workings of the system is far more valuable for developers. Magento 2 is a particularly complex system, so it’s even more important for developers to understand the inner workings of the system in order to write efficient and accurate code.

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